Trick-or-treat, Trick-or-treat, give us something good to eat!  

All Together were full of witches, vampires, mummies, skeletons, ghosts, princesses and other sinisters characters on 31st monday morning and afternoon!  

Halloween was taken by Irish immigrants to the United States, where it became an extremely popular custom, virtually all North residences American families were prepared to receive groups of children and adolescents, with sweets and the famous pumpkin carved in the shape of a face hanging the door.

Halloween has become a traditional celebration in our school with it´s frightening costumes and elaborated make-up, and our students had a lot of fun as they went from room to room on the tip of the tongue: trick-or – treat!

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Getting to Know About Olimpic Games!

Dear Parents!

We are very excited about the Family Day! Nothing could be more inspiring than the visitor we received on August 4th. The athlete João Xavier, marathon runner, one of the chosen to carry the Olympic torch, came here in our school to share this amazing experience.

Together IV children, encouraged by Teacher Selma, made a list of questions about the Olympics, which promoted a very interesting conversation among Together II and III students, who were fascinated with our guest’s medals. We captured that moment with a beautiful photo shoot!

With a didactic sequence entitled “Playing Sports Together”, our goal is to bring the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2016 to our students learning. According to the Pedagogical Coordinator Claudia Ventura and Rent a Pro Sports Coordinator Marcel Fradeschi, children are experiencing different ways of knowledge. The proposal will include over this semester, motor skills, image and arts reading. And they can also learn more about the participating countries and our country, as well.
The goal of this visit and the sports activities that we planned with children is the integration of sports on the Family Day, which will be a wonderful and enriching experience! During the visit, Xavier spoke about the skills needed by athletes, such as determination, equality, respect, inspiration and courage. Therefore, we hope to promote different experiences and knowledge related to the importance of sport in our daily lives.

See you tomorrow at 9:00 o’clock for a warm up!
All together team!
Happy Family Day!


Enrollment Open

IMG_8677-1024x683Throughout the school year, the Directorate of All Together welcomes parents who are interested in knowing the space and receive information from our pedagogical proposal.

To make the registration, which is subject to availability of places, you must:

– Communicate the school office;

– Complete and submit the attached documents;

– Carry out the enrollment in the school treasury;




The joy of circle time, researches, singing along and special story times, are daily learning situations that expand the repertoire of knowledge and life experiences of children. Through photos, art crafts and activities, each group represents some steps of the didactic projects and sequences proposed since the beginning of the year!








All Together prepares a very special vacation course that starts in the second week of January and in the first week of July. The course consists on playing, cooking, storytelling, free play, play make-believe, competitions and other cultural activities.

The goal of these activities is to let the students have fun and let themselves absolutely happy and comfortable in our space.


Capoeira Baptism

This is a special event that happens on December, and we promote the integration of capoeira teachers from other schools and from other states. We invite the parents to watch their children in a special presentation.

It is the “Capoeira Baptism”!

Children go through a belt exchange (a cord, or belt – Ask Mestre Edu) which represents the development of physical, social and emotional health.




IMG_6380Become fluent in a foreign language is a widely favored skill for early learners. Research conducted by the University of New York, made images of the brain at work in order to explain the reasons for this phenomenon: the assiduous contact with a foreign language in childhood helps to store the words and grammar of the language learned in a part of the brain close to another part which controls the speech. Child learning in early childhood triggers the new language more easily and the brain expends less energy to do so; thus, the speech flows naturally.

Fred Genesee, a professor of psychology at the University Mc.Gill, Canada, explains: “the words in the foreign language must travel a much shorter distance in the brain of those who started learning a second language as a child.”


Studies on the operation of the infant brain suggest the great benefits of intense immersion in a foreign language at the beginning of school life: early childhood is the most favorable phase for the acquisition of a second language, because at that time learning takes place without the difficulties of pronunciation and accent feature adults. During this stage the brain is a period of rapid growth and at the same time, the basic nervous structures are being formed.


Green Day!

greeday2Sustainability has become a topic that is increasingly popular, and therefore it should be thought and experienced by our students. Since the natural resources are finite, and many of them are ending, recycling is the best answer and viable solution to this problem. As children are the adults of tomorrow, and unfortunately will live in even scarcer times of natural resources, it is necessary to educate them on the theme of sustainability. And is there a better way to learn than playing?

On April, 9th(Saturday) we will have some competitions related to this topic, as well as special activities concerning to the projects of Nature and Society, Arts, Music and Movement. Each one of All Together groups has started a special project related to this subject and on that special day families will be able to enjoy some activities and photos of the entire process discovered and built by the children!