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If you resonate with our mission and have a passion for education and children, you can become a part of our team and contribute to building a brighter future.


  • Cultural Universe Expansion

    Preschool education aims to expand the child's cultural universe, allowing them to discover the world, know themselves, and establish emotional, cognitive, and social relationships.

  • Childhood Autonomy and Leadership

    The achievement of autonomy is promoted through childhood leadership, where the child is encouraged to actively participate in their own learning.

  • Global Development

    Our goal is to develop the child in their cognitive, social, moral, and motor aspects, respecting their subjectivity and promoting global growth.

  • Formation of Critical and Flexible Individuals

    We seek to contribute to the formation of flexible, creative, critical individuals, capable of constructing their own social values and exercising their freedom and autonomy.

  • Affective Pedagogy

    Our proposal is based on Affective Pedagogy, which recognizes the human being as endowed with body, spirit, reason, and emotion, valuing their potentialities and aspirations.

  • Content Quality and Level

    The quality and level of content in Preschool education provide security to make the learner's first steps more enjoyable, increasing the chances of success in their school journey.


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